City pigeons-A new generation of intelligent city life service platform,Provide delivery、Super、Running errands、Information、Community services!

City pigeonsCity pigeons

A new generation of intelligent city life service platform

To collect all forms merchant,力求打造出一站式生活需求服务Platform,Provides the high quality、Fast、Sweet、Accurate delivery、Super、Running errands、Information、Community services!

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City pigeons living service platform

City pigeons to collect merchants of all forms,力求打造出一站式生活需求服务,Provides the high quality、Fast、Sweet、Precise shopping mall、Catering takeout、Full name running errands、Hot information、The intelligence community, and a series of ecosystem services。

City pigeons
Optimizing take-out
Select high-quality businesses Proprietary distribution One pace reachs the designated position
City pigeons
Online business
Super convenience store,From soup to nuts Specialize in overseas,The real thing
City pigeons
The running errands
From help to buy off,To save time and effort More secure More professional More quickly
City pigeons
Hot information
Hot spots、Food not to be missed The information on hand the city
Successful cases
Based on the traditional service mode,The extension service system for the development of new life,Support traditional take-away、Super large dealer、To the shop、Offline retail、City run errands, and other business model,Perfect fusion online,Is the best choice for enterprises to enter the electricity business,Support agent、Join various cooperation modes,We will provide the most powerful technical support,The escort for the enterprise!
City pigeons
The traditional department store
Mobile social transformation electrical contractor,Joining hand in hand cooperation city pigeons,Business includes provisions、Household、Toys、Electrons、Clothing, etc。
City pigeons
Local specialty stores
Transformation of new tourist shopping experience electrical contractor,In operating agent city pigeons,致力于打造旅游商品一站式O2OElectric business platform。
City pigeons
Restaurant chains
Upgrade mobile take-away electrical contractor,Partnership in city pigeons,Many cities much store management,Creating a new generation of local catering delivery platform。
City pigeons
Super chain retailers
Open entity shop and electricity double channel,Purchasing city pigeons electricity system,Make all proprietaryB2CPlatform,To build life shopping closed loop。
Partner in recruitment
【Tenants】【Products agent】【Cooperation to join us】Many kinds of cooperation mode,Sincerely invite you to join,Zero cost high expanding technology of returns zero!Opportunity is everywhere,And you are looking for better development;The technical team is costly,And you are suffer from inadequate technical support to expand at a high speed,Contact us immediately,Join us!
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